White Man I don’t understand you… and relaxing days on the beaches

After being hold up in a road block in Nigeria for more than an hour, finally after arguing, calling the police, paying 25000 Niaras for a license carrying a bin, using the radio on the truck and being allowed to take luggage with us we found a well hidden bush camping spot in the jungle. It took the locals almost two hours to find us and ask questions about what the hell we were doing there and how we could find this lonely spot on earth. Several kings and chiefs of villages came not that amused, irritated: white man I don’t understand you…but finally showing off. Later the police came, wearing of course machine guns, some of these guys a little drunk and insisting due to security reasons to take us to the police station…so we ended up camping in the courtyard of the police probably just for the entertainment of these bored police men…

The boarder crossing into Benin went without any problems, pace slowed down a bit in this skinny country and relaxing days on beaches followed as well asexploring the former Abomey Kingdom. The next skinny country Togo followed with its Voodoo tradition and decent camp grounds at Lake Togo and Mount Klotou. In Lome the police was not happy with the stamp in Steve’s driving licence…so we had another encounter with the police station, wasting time because we didn’t want to bribe them… Finally: Togo and Benin have fantastic ice cream, lots of hairdressers and a rich and very interesting cultural and historic background, though I should not forget to mention the slave trade history…
Meanwhile in Ghana, some last relaxing days with Drago on the beaches of Elmina…

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  1. philipp says:

    ein lebenszeichen! *juhu*
    wann kommen denn die ersten bilder aus dem knast? 😉

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