Ethiopian restaurants…

We are stopping for lunch just beside the road in a small village. Nice little restaurant. Wow, exciting, they do have a big fancy menu with all kinds of burgers, salads and traditional meals. Even a salad with mozarella! We havent seen any cheese since three weeks! So I ask: “Do you have everything on the menu”. Everybody in this restaurants assures: “Yes, yes, of course”. Well, I doubt it and ask again as slowly as possible: “Do you also have mozarella?” “Yes, yes”…
Me: “Do you really have the salad with mozarella?”
“Yes, we do have everything on the menu”
I still do not want to get excited about the cheese so I am asking our local guide to ask in amheric (the main language in Ethiopia) about the cheese. And even he assures me that they do have everything on the menu including the mozarella. Alright guys, time to get slightly excited.
Me: “Can I have the salad with mozarella then (still not really believing in it)?”
And what is the surprising answer: “No, sorry, we dont have, no mozarella available!”
Ahhh…..well back to injera (typical ethiopian bread) with sauce then….

But to be fair: They have great coffee here and sometimes you end up getting nice Pizza in bigger towns… the Italian influence….

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