Between the continents

Hard leaving the African continent. My last day was a blast, driving Gertie around in Cairo. Waiting in the workshop for all the men watching them praying in the streets. Getting diesel at the black market as it is still rare in Egypt. I just love Africa with all its noise, dirt and people.
Airport Cairo: First time real world again. 50g of chips costs five dollars. I kind of freak out at the cashier, tell the guy I am not paying this price, I´d rather donate him my money then buying chips for such a ridiculous price.

Dragoland: Hiding for a little while from the real world under trucks again. Seeing friends and enjoying this little village in springtime with lambs and rabbits everywhere.

Flight from London to Nuremberg: Why is nobody asking me where I am coming from or where I am going? I am used to lots of attention – a big truck always wants to be asked what the hell it is doing. And I have to admit I quite like it – why is nobody interested in me anymore;)?? Except the lady asking me some questions for a survey about Stansted Airport: Well, not sure if I am an appropriate person to ask about cleanness of the airport: I rate everything with excellent – haven’t seen so clean and fresh smelling toilets since long time.

Nuremberg: The main station is incredible clean and quiet even there are lots of people. I am walking on the streets instead of sidewalks, far too many things to spend money on and nevertheless running around not finding long trousers with enough pockets in – not the fashion of spring 2012 – you can’t get it. (Well in the end you can – you can buy anything in the internet with one click…urgh…)
I want to transfer some money. The system is just not working. I am spending too much time in front of my computer dropping out of internet all time as the UMTS stick is shit and the “thingy” I had to get for doing bank transactions is not working – I am holding it like an idiot in front of my screen but nothing happens, obviously laptops with their reflective screens are not quite made for it…

What’s the lesson for today?: The real world isn’t working either! In the end of the day there is sometimes not too much of a difference between Africa and Europe;) It’s always what you make out of it!
South America I am ready for you!

*the term real world is as incorrect as the term first world but driving a truck around feels sometimes like the real world is far away so I like to use it as a synonym for the “world I am from/Europe/first world”

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