I am Natalie. I always loved traveling. I can’t get enough of being out and seeing the world: How the world really is – beautiful, mean, happy, sad, and crazy… As soon as I am in a place for longer than a month I feel this urge to move on. I get bored and I feel that I am missing something out there. Some great adventure could happen and I am missing it because I was lazy lying on my sofa. me
In December 2010, I found myself on a plane to Douala, Cameroon. That is where my amazing adventure began. I could smell the freedom and feel the earth under my feet. I was free and full of energy. Instantly, I knew I would never return to my old job. But how could I afford a free life on the road?
This free life I speak of was made a reality when I applied to an overland adventure company from the UK. The company helped me pass my truck driver’s license, training to be a mechanic (yes, you might be stuck in the middle of the Sudanese desert broken down in your future career as a tour leader and mechanic…) and a few months later I found myself driving overland trucks and leading tours from Cape Town to Cairo and from Rio de Janeiro to Quito.

I love this job and I love to jump into new adventures and put myself out of my own comfort zone. This is why you find me after two years in the United States of America. I’ve found someone out in the world who is having the same urge to travel and to challenge himself. We were working together in Africa and are now starting our own tour company. We are remodelling an old yellow school bus and will be spending the 2013 summer season in Alaska sharing the passion with our passengers: Infinite Adventures – come with us and experience the wilderness of Alaska!! If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough!

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