Conversation with a police officer

Officer: Good Morning, how are you?
Me: Very well, thank you, how are you doing?
Officer: Good, thank you. How is your journey?
Me: Going very well, thanks.
Officer: Woman Driver in charge, he? (reading the sticker on my window)
Me: Yes, exactly:)))
Officer: Madam, you have been speeding. 59 km/h in a 50 km/h zone.
Me: Sir, as soon as I saw the sign I was slowing down. But I am driving a truck, it takes a while to slow a big vehicle down.
Officer (opens door): Madam, you are not supposed to wear flip flops when you are driving.
Me (have just put on my flip flops during the conversation): Sir, these are proper shoes, I can drive very well in them (thinking that I cant tell him that I actually was driving barefoot).
Officer: You must pay a fine over 60.000 Tanzanian Shilling (35 US).
Me: Sir, let me speak to your boss, please.
(going over to the big fat man sitting in his jeep the whole day collecting a lot of money)
Me: Hello Sir, how are you?
Officer Nr2: Good, how are you?
Me: Very well, thanks.
Officer Nr2: Can I see your driving licence?
Me: Of course, Sir. Here you are. Do you like my photo?
Officer Nr2: Yes, you are very pretty.
Me: Thanks, Sir!
Officer Nr2: You have to pay a fine of 60.000 TsH.
Me: Sir, there is no way I am going to pay that. I was braking as soon as I saw the 50 km/h sign.
Officer Nr2: Bring your man!
Me: My friend, I am not going to call my colleague, I was driving, so you can talk to me!
Officer Nr2: Ok, this time I warn you, but next time I am going to punish you!
Me: Yes, Sir, next time you can punish me:) Have a good day!

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