Germany – the country of no flat screen TVs?

I was so sure that nobody has big flat screen TVs in Germany. I was also convinced that all kinds of bread you buy are fresh and super crispy and tasty in Germany. We don’t have big shopping malls in Germany either and public transport is the easiest and best system ever…

Well, I had to realize that since I left this country time was not standing still. Not only Americans have big flat screen TVs, also in German living rooms you will mostly find this new technology nowadays.
For the bread: Yes, the variety of bread is definitely huge and I still like German bread a lot, but I had to find out that lots of sandwiches and bread you buy in the supermarket is not crisp and fresh at all…
…The REAL-supermarket in Berlin is almost as big as Walmart and every city has big shopping malls.
And yes: the public transport is fantastic in big cities. But to get a ticket out of a vending machine if you only have a credit card and a 50-Euro-note is quite a challenge.

I loved my stay in Germany, seeing friends and family and I still think that Berlin is one of the greatest cities of the world. But I will never say again “but in Germany its like that…”. It actually is the same for every place in this world: You always live certain moments and you get impressions that other people will experience very different as things change and you see it through different eyes. It is the same for the US as for Africa as for Germany. Maybe there are certain things very common, but it’s always what you make out of it and how you see certain things… It’s your choice!

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