A New Year in America


Flagstaff Downtown

I have been absent for a long time. I didn’t feel like writing. Maybe 2016 will change that? Did you know that there is not much fireworks going on here? In Germany eight year old kids are pyrotechnicians and I never felt quite safe downtown in a big city in Germany (only at New Year’s eve). No harm here. In Flagstaff, Arizona, they drop a pine cone from the historical (well, kind of old, yes, for America it is!) Weatherford Hotel. The first countdown is at 10 pm – how convenient for families and those who love to go to bed early, as this is 12 o clock at the East Coast. The second countdown and dropping is finally at midnight local time. Hugging, cheering, alcohol. music and dancing – I guess this is immanent for most cultures. And for the German in me they actually do have a tiny firework going on, controlled and safely done by some experts;)

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