The truck is coming along…

It´s almost half a year ago since we bought an old yellow school bus.  Our aim is to have a great adventure-overland-vehicle. We got a CAD-drawing done last autumn and since then we trying to tell people with this little drawing what we are actually talking about when we say: “Hey, come with us on our great overland vehicle and enjoy Alaska´s scenery and wildlife with us!”
But finally it´s coming along and getting in shape. The overhead lockers are finished. Every passenger will have their own little storage to put books, camera equipment or day packs. And still many more things to come. Tables for playing cards or writing jounals during the ride, the backlocker for the big luggage and our camping gear as well as a woodrack in the back: We don´t want to miss cozy campfires in the evening! But what I like best is our little model, I gave Dave for christmas. Soon the little truck will sit on the dashboard and go on new adventures with us! You should see the big smile on my face right now:)
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