An overland vehicle is taking shape

Nothing can be more exciting than seeing how your ideas about the perfect overland vehicle are coming true – at least for me. There are still some things to be done, but we are finally getting excited after a lot of work. The paint job was a huge step in seeing how our vehicle (it is still missing a name) will look like and I am so excited to share it.

I can’t wait to be on the road and outdoors again. Looking forward to an amazing summer in Alaska. Beautiful scenery and hopefully lot’s of wildlife. Especially I can’t wait to see my first bear. I have never seen one before and it’s high on my bucket list. You can read about my excitement for bears in my article for the Monkeys and Mountains Blog.

Our overland vehicle will have a viewing platform on top, so everybody can climb up and take great shots of volcanoes, glaciers and the abundant wildlife. And the rag on the back will be carrying our wood for campfires!

We will have gas cylinder racks on each side along with external storage as well as hinged locking door for gas rack and a cover for the door will be added. These doors can hold 500 lbs!! So while we are cooking we can use this as an additional table! You also can see the back locker where all our main luggage will be stored securely.

269396_448184341928163_907889227_n  62698_448184291928168_413109059_n

And here is the inside of the vehicle! Comfortable seats, overhead lockers for daily stuff like cameras or daypacks. A few tables for the seats facing each other and of course speakers for some good tunes on our roadtrips (and my famous cab dance)! Stay tuned for some more pictures soon to come!


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